The Art of Space and Light is a celebration of the International Year of Light, an observance by the United Nations to aim awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind. This exposition features the work of members of the International Association of Astronomical Art (IAAA).

Adam Block  |  Photographer

Adam’s life-long goal to be an astronomer began at the early age of 4. He specifically selected the University of Arizona to continue his pursuits and graduated with a B.S. in Astronomy and Physics in 1996. He spent the next… Continue Reading →

Aldo Spadoni  |  Painter

Aldo Spadoni, President of Aerospace Imagineering, is an MIT graduate with extensive experience as an aerospace engineer, conceptual designer, and futurist. Aldo has contributing to the conceptual, prototype, and production design of numerous advanced aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft For NASA… Continue Reading →

Corinne Cowan  |  Painter

My first formal art instruction was in 1980. I began painting in oils followed by watercolors and then acrylics. Art was a major hobby while raising our family and operating a business. Favorite subject matter for many years was that… Continue Reading →

Dinah Jasensky  |  Painter

Dinah Jasensky is a professional artist with a former career in Environmental Science. Primarily a figure and portrait painter for the last 10 years, she has bridged her love of art and science with her recent work. Her exploration of… Continue Reading →

Earl Billick  |  Painter

Earl Billick is an artist residing in Tucson, Arizona (considered by many to be the astronomy capital of the U.S.) His life long passion for aerospace, science and astronomy, along with his interest in the speculative and fantastic, are evident… Continue Reading →

Holly Schineller  |  Chalk Artist

Holly Schineller, a resident of Tempe Arizona, attended both the California College of the Arts and Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Visual Art is her means of processing the inspiration she finds in nature,… Continue Reading →

Jim Scotti  |  Painter

Jim Scotti is a planetary scientist and operates the Spacewatch telescope on Kitt Peak, which scans the night sky looking for NEOs (Near Earth Objects) and comets, cataloging and keeping track of objects which could collide with Earth. Jim has discovered… Continue Reading →

Julie Jones  |  Painter

From her “astronomical” space art to her liturgical banners and cotton clergy stoles, Julie’s passion for art shines through. Her art has been featured in Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier to corporate art for Ironstone Vineyards… Continue Reading →

Lucy West Binnall  |  Painter

Lucy West has over 30 years experience as a professional artist. Her works have been commissioned and/or exhibited by notable venues such as NASA’s Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center, The House of Representatives in Washington D.C., the Bird… Continue Reading →

Mark Prusten

Mark is a Visual Effects Supervisor and Optical Science Consultant with over 15 years experience in visual effects production and 20 years experience in optics, electrical and computer engineering development. He formed and to create photo-real HDRI content… Continue Reading →

Marilynn Flynn  |  Painter

Marilynn Flynn grew up with the space program and wanted to be an astronaut. Instead she merged her natural artistic talents with her interest in astronomy and space. Now with over 35 years experience as a space artist, her paintings have been… Continue Reading →

Matthew Stricker  |  Painter

Born in Tucson, Arizona in 1975. Matthew discovered airbrushing through his father at an early age and began self-taught techniques on different subjects. Being inspired by the eternal beauty of the heavens and the will of Science he began to… Continue Reading →

Michelle Rouch  |  Painter

Michelle Rouch is a self-taught artist, who combines technical knowledge and accuracy with ability to define abstraction between finite lines. She continues to range over the full spectrum, which includes portraits, architecture, marine, aviation, landscape, and astronomical subjects. Rouch has more… Continue Reading →

Michael Carroll  |  Painter

Michael Carroll has been an astronomical, paleo and science fiction artist for three decades. He has done work for NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and dozens of book and magazine publishers internationally. Mike is a Fellow and founding member of… Continue Reading →

Miwa Block  |  Painter

Miwa is from Japan and she moved to Tucson to study physics and astronomy. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona and worked in the field of astronomy. Later she went back to school and… Continue Reading →

Pamela Lee  |  Painter

Selected for numerous group exhibitions, her work has toured museums and galleries in the former Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, Europe and North America. Among these exhibitions are the Society of Illustrators “Science Fiction: 1980s And Beyond” in 1984, the NASA… Continue Reading →

Reid Silvern  |  Painter

Mr. Silvern is largely self taught although he has taken classes at Pima community college. He is known for developing the Columiere technique, which explores the the interaction of colored light on colors in static art resulting in pulsating changes… Continue Reading →

Rick Sternbach  |  Painter

Rick Sternbach has been a space and science fiction artist since the early 1970s, often combining both interests in a project. His clients include NASA, Sky & Telescope, Data Products, Random House, Smithsonian, Analog, Astronomy, The Planetary Society, and Time-Life… Continue Reading →

Sean Parker  |  Photographer

Hi, I am Sean Parker. I am a 26 year old landscape / time-lapse cinematographer living in Tucson, Arizona. I’m currently in the works of a Time Lapse project focusing on Arizona and all of its beautiful scenery. If you… Continue Reading →

Simon Kregar, Jr.  |  Painter

Simon Peter Kregar, Jr. is an award winning fine artist whose focus is promoting science and an awareness of our place in the Universe. Both classically trained and self taught, his subjects include authors, scientists, astronomical art, and noted astronauts… Continue Reading →

Tai Hicks  |  Painter

Tai Hicks is a self taught artist living in Olympia, Washington that has recently made her debut in the art world. Over the years, her work has blossomed into something between the real and surreal with a focus on honey… Continue Reading →

Theresa E. Hentz  |  Painter

I studied Studio Art at the University of Arizona and have been painting for 8 years. I have been showing recently in The Art of Planetary Science and NightVisions V – bringing together the art and science communities in Tucson… Continue Reading →

William K. Hartmann  |  Painter

William K. Hartmann is known internationally as a planetary scientist, a writer, and a painter. He was awarded the first Carl Sagan medal from the American Astronomical Society for communicating scientific research through the public, through his paintings and writings…. Continue Reading →

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